About Us

Montfort Records started back in 2010 when Cod-E decided to share underground music, because there were so many good artists, that were not getting the recognition they deserved. In 2013 Terra Zen jumped on the Montfort train and opened a studio the next day. After releasing 100 albums on bandcamp, Montfort Records changed to „Montfort Music“ and went on a 2 year DJing trip.
We supported a bunch of kids, offered them a place to practice in our studio and focused on gigs here in Vorarlberg. Early in 2016 the kids, now grown up, started their own business. Terra Zen aka Digital Headroom focused on his projects, while Cod-E supported Just In, who was collecting vinyls at the time. Now in 2017 we re-launch Montfort Records back to our roots, as a music label with international underground producers, and it’s new quality seal „Verschleiss Collective“ under the leadership of Just In.