B.o.O.m.’s stunning album „Zodiac“ is now available on Montfort-Records

Zodiac by B.o.O.m. B.o.O.m.’s absolutely stunning new album „Zodiac“ gives you the opportunity to get deep into yourself with the help of atmospheric ambient sounds and hopefully it helps you to open your eyes and enjoy every moment in your life. You can find more music from him on his soundcloud.

Montfort-Records 7. Anniversary

Exactly 7 years ago Montfort-Records was founded by Felix Montfort in a small village called Rankweil in the west of Austria. The idea was to promote several artist around the world, that have no chance for any recognition cause of their alternativity. Meanwhile the music industrie changed. A lot of alternative genres were commercialized and became…

Today is the day! Felix Montfort live on „sonus.fm“

Montfort-Records founder Felix Montfort is going to perform on sonus.fm’s radioshow „BASSLABOR“ hosted by „pitch bucannan“ (Magic Drums Records) today. Pitch Bucannan’s handling with vinyl is undisputed in the Jungle Drum&Bass szene. He is collecting and mixing records for several years and became a name in germany for his skills. Better watch out for that!…

!Out Now! Saintone’s New Album „Baby I’m Gonna Let You Die

Baby I’m Gonna Let You Die EP by Saintone It’s out! The new Neurofunk/ Hard DnB album „Baby I’m Gonna Let You Die“ by Peter alias „Saintone“ is finally available on Montfort-Records Bandcamp. Have a listen and enjoy your trip!

Baby I’m Gonna Let You Die EP Release on Friday the 13!

On Friday the 13! Peter alias „Saintone“ from Budapest (HUN) finaly releases his new EP „Baby I’m Gonna Let You Die“ on Montfort-Records! Hard Beats with rousing rhythms are guaranteed! Be the first to listen and buy his album on friday the 13. of oktober at 18:00 (UTC+02) at: www.montfort-records.bandcamp.com