Montfort-Records 7. Anniversary

Exactly 7 years ago Montfort-Records was founded by Felix Montfort in a small village called Rankweil in the west of Austria. The idea was to promote several artist around the world, that have no chance for any recognition cause of their alternativity. Meanwhile the music industrie changed. A lot of alternative genres were commercialized and became mainstream. Today Montfort-Records still focus on it’s basic purpose. Every artist from Montfort-Records makes his kind of music by heart, with no view on the popularity of the music. This gives us the advantage that we are promoting different sorts of music which will be popular later and so we influence the whole industry by showing the people the future music out there. The quality of the music does not remain unconsidered, on the contrary! It’s the most important criterion for releasing music on our label. Montfort-Records and it’s record project Verschleiss Collective has grown very much recently and that’s just cause of you guys! On this point we want to say

THANK YOU! Cause of you guys listening and buying our albums, liking our tracks on social media and your word of mouth, we can grow and release more music, support more artists and make more partys for you! We want to give YOU an opportunity to listen and to feel real alternative music made by heart and we wont stop!

We wish you great public holidays and a blessed time with your family, friends or pets! New music is in progress and will be available in early 2018. Stay tuned!