Verschleiss Collective

Verschleiss Collective is a collective of musicians who use analogue music sources or sound carriers to spread their music. That collective is an alliance of musicians to promote similar music sources together! The Verschleiss Collective logo forms therefore a seal of approval for analogue sound carriers such as records or tapes.

The aim of the collective is to spread high-quality music in the form of analogue phonograms with the help of events and releases. Only members of the collective are involved in these events. With the exception of artists who fulfill the Verschleiss Collective criteria and, in some ways, support, encourage or teach the members of the collective in their doing.

Verschleiss Collective can also be used as a mediation platform for private persons, clubs or companies which search musicians playing explicitly analog music at an event. In that case it’s the task of Montfort Records to recommend and mediate their artists.

The bulk of the net profit made by these events is used for advertising costs and sponsoring of merchandise products for all the members.
Verschleiss Collective is an invention of Montfort Records so all records of Montfort Records are published under the name of Verschleiss Collective. Montfort Records also retains all rights of Verschleiss Collective and retains the copyright on the logo.


You make music with analog sound carriers and would like to be a member of Verschleiss Collective?


Then write us an email under „contact“.

Logo credit: Sarah El Kanfoud